Month: June 2008

  • Breaking news: Giannakidou and Kennedy promoted!

    Congratulations to Anastasia Giannakidou and Chris Kennedy on their promotion to Professor. Their promotions are formal recognition of their excellence in scholarship, teaching and service.

  • Last BLING post for the year

    This will be the last posting brought to you by BLING news for this academic year. BLING will resume in late September. Have a wonderful and exciting summer!

  • Kirby awarded the Hanna Gray Fellowship

    Congratulations to James Kirby, who has been awarded a three-year Hanna Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowship! This fellowship is given annually to one third-year student in the Humanities division and one in the humanistic Social Sciences. We are very proud of James for receiving this honor.

  • Lee to Notre Dame

    Jung-Hyuck Lee (Ph.D. 2006) has been appointed senior lecturer at the University of Notre Dame teaching Korean languages and civilization courses. Congratulations, Jung-Hyuck!

  • Caponigro talk on Friday

    The Semantics and philosophy of Language Workshop presents Ivano Caponigro, UCSD (joint work with Maria Polinsky, Harvard) Time: June 13, Friday, 11am Location: Landahl Center Seminar Room Most languages (including English) distinguish between relative clauses, embedded declarative clauses, and embedded interrogative clauses in various syntactic ways (e.g. complementizers, gaps, wh-words, extraction). The syntactic behavior matches…