Month: May 2008

  • Bobaljik Colloquium on Thursday

    Getting ‘Better’: On Comparative Suppletion and Related Topics Jonathan Bobaljik University of Connecticut Location: Cobb 201 Time: 3:30pm I present and discuss four or five universals drawn from across-linguistic study of comparative and superlative morphology. Special attention is given to three generalizations regarding root suppletion in the comparative degree of adjectives (good-better, bad-worse). These generalizations,…

  • BA honors

    Congratulations go to the following eight graduating majors in linguistics, who have all finished their BA theses (the most ever), and to their advisors (in parentheses): Eric Bjerstedt, “The dominance of the unmarked in prosodic reduplication.” (Jason Riggle) Christine Boylan, “Causal inference processing in narratives: A fMRI study and review of methodology.” (Amy Dahlstrom) Elise…

  • Undergrads moving on

    Many of our graduating seniors will embark on new and exciting adventures soon: Christine Boylan will be working as lab manager of Alec Marantz & Liina Pylkkänen’s lab at NYU. John Sylak is going to Berkeley for his PhD in Linguistics. Eric Prendergast received a Fulbright to study in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. If you’re…

  • Guo awarded the Bloomfield prize

    Congratulations to Shu-yu Guo, who is the recipient of this year’s annual Leonard Bloomfield prize (for the graduating linguistics major with the highest grade point average in courses towards the major: his grade point average in linguistics was 3.98)!

  • Photos from JerryFest

    Andy Rogers has generously made available pictures he took at the Pragmatics, Grammatical Interfaces, and Jerry Sadock conference in honor of Jerry‘s retirement. You can click here to view them.