A busy Winter quarter for Sali!

Salikoko Mufwene has been busy this past winter! He gave keynote addresses at the following recent conferences:

  • 2008a. “From genetic creolistics to genetic linguistics: Lessons we should not miss!” 34th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society, February 7-10.
  • 2008b. “Emergence or creation? Rethinking the formation of Afro-American vernaculars and musics.” Conference on Black Music Research, Columbia College, Chicago, February 14-17.
  • 2008c. “The English(-speaking) Diaspora: Globalization and diversity.” at Purdue University’s 9th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Symposium on “Globalization: Questioning nations, borders, identities & communities,” March 28-29.

He also gave the following public lectures:

  • 2008d. “The actuation question and the invisible hand in language evolution.” York University, Glendon College, Toronto, CA, 28 February.
  • 2008e. “Colonization, globalization, and the linguistic consequences of the (Indo-)European expansion,” Kalamazoo College, March 10.