Interdisciplinary Panel on Artificial Intelligence

Are you interested in – What are intelligence and thought, and how can they be emulated? Where is current AI research heading? Will computers ever be able to truly model the mind? Will robots become our new overlords?

The UofC ACM presents:

An Interdisciplinary Panel on Artificial Intelligence and Related Fields
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 5:00pm
Eckhart 133

Featuring Panelists:

  • David McAllester, Professor, Toyota Technological Institute, University of Chicago
  • John Goldsmith, Professor, Dept. of Linguistics and Dept. Computer Science, University of Chicago
  • Philip Ulinski, Professor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago
  • Terry Regier from Psychology, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Chicago

This panel will be an undergraduate-oriented exploration of topics ranging from the history of AI, to various prospectives on current research, to the technological and philosophical implications of future research.

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