Month: September 2007

  • Welcome back!

    After a long summer hiatus, our department news blog is back! As you might have noticed, the name of the news blog has changed. Due to popular demand, what was BLISS is now BLING (Blog in LINGuistics). Please be sure to update your bookmark to reflect the new URL of the site.

  • New members of the department

    We welcome many new faces in the department this Autumn. Lenore Grenble, Edward Sapir Professor of Linguistics and Slavic languages, has joined us from Dartmouth. She specializes in Slavic, Tungusic and languages of the North, discourse and conversation analysis, deixis, contact linguistics and language endangerment and revitalization. She is teaching Introduction to Slavic Linguistics this…

  • Grotberg to present at MCWOP at OSU

    April Grotberg‘s paper “Stress and tone in Macuiltiangus Zapotec” has been accepted for poster presentation at the 13th annual Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology at the Ohio State University to be held on October 26-28, 2007. Congratulations!

  • Klecha and Sawada to present at the Midwest Workshop on Semantics

    Congratulations to Peter Klecha and Osamu Sawada, who will be presenting papers at the Midwest Workshop on Semantics next Saturday, October 6, at Michigan State. This is the second meeting of an annual workshop highlighting grad student work in semantics that Chris Kennedy initiated here at Chicago last fall. Details on the workshop can be…