New Histories of Modern Art: The East European Avant-Gardes

New Histories of Modern Art: The East European Avant-Gardes” was a symposium held at the University of Chicago from February 4-6, 2010.  The symposium gathered together leading scholars and artists concerned with artistic movements across Eastern Europe over the 20th Century and their significance for a broader understanding of modern art.  Anchored by Prof. Steven Mansbach’s keynote address, the symposium was marked by engaging and provocative papers that were matched by equally probing discussion.

The symposium featured contributions by:

  • Anna Brzyski
  • Atanas Botev
  • Carmen Popescu
  • Dubravka Djurić
  • Eva Forgacs
  • Irina Genova
  • Janis Kreslins
  • Juliana Maxim
  • Karel Srp
  • Malynne Sternstein
  • Matthew Jesse Jackson
  • Miško Šuvaković
  • Steven Mansbach
  • Sven Spieker
  • Victor Friedman

The University of Chicago’s Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies (CEERES) co-sponsored the conference, and with the permission of conference organizers and participants, CEERES personnel recorded several of the presentations in order to create an online archive of the event.  The Multi-Media Archive achieves that end.

We hope that the recordings and materials compiled here will be of interest and inspiration to scholars of the history of modern art and beyond.