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Fukushima Water Should Be Released Into Sea or Evaporated, Panel Says via Bloomberg

By Aya Takada  Panel recommends two options for handling radioactive water Government will make final decision after panel suggestions A Japanese panel will recommend to the government that swelling volumes of treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant should be … Continue reading

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Backstory: Inside the destroyed Fukushima plant – radiation, risk and reporting via Reuters

Aaron Sheldrick OKUMA, Japan (Reuters) – Reuters was recently given exclusive access to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, where three reactors melted down in 2011 after a powerful earthquake and tsunami overwhelmed the seaside facility. It was my fourth visit to … Continue reading

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Authors discuss ‘speculative fiction’ novel on nuclear energy via The Northern Virginia Daily

By Donald Lambert The Northern Virginia Daily Authors James Davison and Raymond Eddy have released an alternate history novel on nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and their impacts on humanity. The novel, titled “Trinity 3.11: Amiko, Empress of the Kensho Era,” … Continue reading

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster | Increased Thyroid Cancer in U.S. via Fukushima 311 Watchdog

Date: January 12, 2020Author: dunrenard Almost one third of children born on the Pacific coast of  the United States are now at high risk for thyroid cancer (and a host of other cancers that will be revealed over time.) The inevitable has happened. Radioactive Cesium isotopes … Continue reading

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Fukushima forever: a portrait of absence and uncertainty via Wallpaper

Almost a decade after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Giles Price photographs those who dare to return BY TOM SEYMOUR […] Theoretically, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, 250km north of Tokyo, was protected from tsunamis by a 30m sea wall. … Continue reading

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Philippines lifts restrictions on importing food from Fukushima via The Japan Times

MANILA – Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin said Thursday his country had lifted restrictions on Japanese food imports imposed following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, due to a lower risk of radioactive contamination. […] The Southeast Asian country had required radiation … Continue reading

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Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuation zone now teems with wildlife via C/Net

Wild boar, foxes, raccoon dogs and rabbits appear to be thriving in a part of Japan where humans dare not live. Amanda Kooser The Fukushima nuclear disaster unfolded in Japan in 2011 when reactors at the Daiichi Power Planet melted down. Over … Continue reading

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Japan Wants to Dump Nuclear Plant’s Tainted Water. Fishermen Fear the Worst via The New York Times

The water from the Fukushima disaster is more radioactive than the authorities have previously publicized, raising doubts about government assurances that it will be made safe. By Motoko Rich and Makiko Inoue […] Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet and the Tokyo Electric Power … Continue reading

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No to nuclear: Japan wants reactors phased out, post-Fukushima via Aljazeera

Japan is less reliant on atomic energy, but concerns are growing about its return to climate-damaging fossil fuels. by Kelly Olsen […] ‘They say no’“Japanese people’s sentiment (has) changed after Fukushima Daiichi and it is continuing until now,” said Matsukubo, … Continue reading

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Tokyo ‘Recovery Olympics’ offer scant solace to displaced victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster via The Japan Times

BY MARI YAMAGUCHI AND STEPHEN WADE FUTABA, FUKUSHIMA PREF. – Nine years after an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster devastated wide areas of the prefecture, the torch relay for the 2020 Summer Games will kick off in Fukushima. Some baseball and softball games will … Continue reading

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