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“When they called me a ‘germ’ I wanted to die” via Beyond Nuclear International

On October 25, 2017, 15-year old former Fukushima resident Natsuki Kusano (not his real name and he has asked not to be pictured) testified before the Tokyo District Court. He was among a number of Fukushima evacuees seeking compensation from … Continue reading

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Few return to Fukushima schools after evacuation lifted via The Asahi Shimbun

Near-empty classrooms marked the start of the new academic year in municipalities where evacuation orders dating from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster were recently lifted. Fourteen public elementary and junior high schools in five municipalities reopened their doors in April … Continue reading

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Nonesuch Events for the Weekend of December 8–10 via Nonesuch

Devendra Banhart is in Japan this weekend, exhibiting new artwork at Vacant in Tokyo tonight and Hotel Anteroom in Kyoto on Sunday, with proceeds to benefit Fukushima relief efforts, supporting Mothers’ Radiation Lab Fukushima, Tohoku Youth Orchestra, and Foster Care for Children in Fukushima. source

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Many children diagnosed with thyroid cancer after 3.11 disasters, families still worried via The Mainichi

  Nearly 80 percent of respondents in a survey by a group supporting children diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster say they remain worried about the cancer, despite the prognosis for those who receive … Continue reading

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Japan Might Be What Equality in Education Looks Like via Atlantic

KAWAMATA, Japan—In many countries, the United States included, students’ economic backgrounds often determine the quality of the education they receive. Richer students tend to go to schools funded by high property taxes, with top-notch facilities and staff that help them succeed. … Continue reading

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How a Tsunami in Japan Endangered Children in Cambodia via The New York Times

The tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, now threatens the developing brains of children in Cambodia — but not for reasons that were ever expected. Cambodia has long struggled with iodine deficiency. The element is crucial to early brain … Continue reading

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Fukushima Thyroid Examination December 2016: 145 Thyroid Cancer Cases Confirmed (101 in the First Round and 44 in the Second Round) via Fukushima Voices Version 2e

[…] An issue of the female to male ratio The female to male ratio of cancer cases warrants a special attention. For thyroid cancer, the female to male ratio is nearly 1:1 in the very young, but it is known … Continue reading

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 Niigata elementary school teacher calls Fukushima evacuee a ‘germ’ via The Japan Times

    NIIGATA – A student who fled the Fukushima nuclear crisis in March 2011 has been absent from school for more than a week since a teacher added “germ” to his name when addressing him in late November, a … Continue reading

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Baby Teeth of Iraqi Children Tell Troubling Tale of War’s Toxic Impacts via Common Dreams

In an effort to learn more about the impacts of long-term exposure to heavy metals and other toxins associated with warzone bombardments and military installations, a new study released Friday examined a sample of donated teeth and discovered that the … Continue reading

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Exiled scientist: ‘Chernobyl is not finished, it has only just begun’ via USA Today

Yury Bandazhevsky, 59, was the first scientist in Belarus to establish an institute to study Chernobyl’s impact on people’s health, particularly children, near the city of Gomel, about 120 miles over the border from Ukraine. He was arrested in Belarus … Continue reading

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