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Radioactive liquid spilled outside Tri-Cities nuclear fuel plant. Here’s what happened via Tri-City Herald


About half of the radioactive liquid in a 55-gallon drum spilled outside at the Framatome ANP plant in Richland this week, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report. The plant on Horn Rapids Road in Richland, Wash., fabricates uranium fuel for nuclear power plants. A forklift was being used Tuesday to move a pallet of four plastic 55-gallon drums of uranium nitrate solution.


Two drums of the toxic liquid fell off the pallet and into the sea-land container where they were stored, according to the NRC. One of the drums split and leaked radioactive liquid into the container, according to the NRC.


The spill, which was in an area controlled for radiological materials, was contained with no soil contamination, according to Framatome. The worker who was moving the pallet was not contaminated, the NRC confirmed.

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