‘Problems around Akkuyu NPP is so dire that, even the supporters of nuclear energy must object’ via YEŞİL GAZETE

‘If Such accidents occur during the construction phase of nuclear facilities that require maximum safety, it means that risks of Akkuyu Project is beyond general nuclear risks . When we see that facts are hidden from public it is obvious that problems around Akkuyu NPP is so dire that even the advocates of nuclear energy must object’ says nukleersiz.org Coordinator Pinar Demircan.

The uncertainty about the explosion that broke the windows of the houses and cars in the surrounding, which took place in the evening of Tuesday, January 19 at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)*-which is under construction in the Gulnar district of Mersin- continues.

Although it was said in the statements given by Mersin Governorship and Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. that the explosion was carried out in a planned manner; the details of the incident, whether the explosion had already damaged the ground where the reactors will be placed, the plant construction or had harmed the employees, were not shared.

‘Ways of doing business are the source of security danger’

nukleersiz.org Coordinator Pinar Demircan said the process has not been carried out transparently since the beginning of the project: “In Akkuyu, information is not shared with the public, transparently. In fact, transparency is avoided by putting forward the ‘security’ rationale in general terms in the processes related to nuclear power plants. However, the way of doing business in Akkuyu NPP as of the date of its construction is itself a source of safety hazard.”

Stating that, there were too many unanswered questions about the explosion, Demircan said, “We still do not know who, which subemployer or subcontractor is responsible for the explosion. Again, we learn that cracks have been formed at the base of the reactor constructions and there has been water leakage in the construction area in recent days. It is unacceptable to experience such events and to hide the facts from the public in nuclear facilities that require maximum security.”


Akkuyu NPP: It was a planned explosion

Mersin Governorship stated that the explosion was “made in a planned way” and that the cost of the damage to the surrounding houses will be covered.

The management of Akkuyu NPP stated that the reason of the explosion was “Planned drilling and blasting works were carried out by the subcontractor company that carries out the construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant site connection road.”

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