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Fukushima Anniversary SPECIAL: Voices From Japan 2020 – Tokyo Shimbun Reporter Takeshi Yamakawa via Nuclear Hotseat

Fukushima Anniversary SPECIAL – Signs outside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone.  In 2019, total of 26 English caution signs were placed in 12 places in exclusion zones to prevent foreigners from trespassing in radioactive areas. YouTubers and the Netflix show “Dark Tourism” have trespassed in high radiation areas and illegally entered shops and homes, prompting the local authorities to post signage in English.
(Photo courtesy of U. G. Kaneko)

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This Week’s SPECIAL Voices from Japan Interviews:

  • Takeshi Yamakawa is a reporter and editor, part of Tokyo Shimbun’s Nuclear Power Reporting Team. He has been covering Fukushima since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.  He’s interviewed in Japanese by Nuclear Hotseat investigative reporter Yuji Kaneko.  

    Tokyo Shimbun Nuclear Power Reporting Team: (THIS IS CLICKABLE)
    原発取材班 Twitter – kochigen2017
  • Yuji Kaneko is Nuclear Hotseat’s Voices from Japan investigative reporter.  He has gone to Fukushima numerous times to learn the truth about what is happening there.  Today, through a travel diary he kept, we’ll gain first-hand insights into radiation problems and how government funds have been used in the Exclusion Zone.  

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