Experimental nuclear fusion reactor surpasses sun’s core temperature via Silicon Republic

by Colm Gorey

A huge milestone was achieved in the development of a nuclear fusion reactor as a UK-based device passed 15 million degrees Celsius, making it hotter than the sun’s core.


Now, a company called Tokamak Energy in the UK has revealed that its compact spherical tokamak reactor, dubbed ST40, has achieved a major milestone in surpassing plasma temperatures of 15 million degrees Celsius.

In doing so, it has actually surpassed the temperature of the sun’s centre and could pave the way for the company producing industrial-scale energy by 2025.

However, despite this seemingly impossible feat, a functioning reactor to satisfy world demand will need to achieve plasma temperatures significantly hotter than this, somewhere in the region of 100 million degrees Celsius.


He continued: “Fusion is a major challenge, but one that must be tackled. We believe that with collaboration, dedication and investment, fusion will be an important part of achieving deep decarbonisation of the global energy supply in the 2030s and beyond.”

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