Poisoning fears as Japan plans to use radioactive Fukushima soil to build roads via Citizens for Legitimate Government

Poisoning fears as Japan plans to use RADIOACTIVE Fukushima soil to build roads | 29 April 2018 | There are fears people could be poisoned amid plans to use radioactive soil from Fukushima to build roads. The country’s Environment Ministry wants to use the radiation-tainted material to rebuild a number of roads in the region that was devastated by a tsunami in 2011. But the proposal has sparked fury among residents over fears they could be poisoned by the soil. A briefing about the plans on Thursday saw angry scenes erupt, with locals in the city of Nihonmatsu yelling about how the roads will be “contaminated”. Fears have even been raised about radiation from Fukushima entering the food chain and poisoning people. In the last two years, highly-toxic Cesium-134 — the “fingerprint” of Fukushima — has been found in certain locations along the US west coast.




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