Radioactive jewellery recalled in Switzerland via Swiss Info

A Swiss company has sold esoteric “negative-ion” jewellery containing high levels of uranium and thorium. The Federal Office of Public Health has written to people who have bought the jewellery, telling them to send it to the health office. 

Health office spokesman Daniel Dauwalder on Monday confirmed media reports that an unnamed company had imported rock powder from China with levels of the two radioactive substances that were harmful for skin cells and the outer skin layer. 

The health office said if the bracelets, necklaces and earrings were worn for several hours a day over a year, the skin’s dose threshold of 50 millisieverts could be exceeded. In the long term, the risk of skin cancer would increase, it added. 

People who had bought the jewellery did not need to take medical measures, even if they had worn the jewellery for a while, the health office said. 


The jewellery must not end up in the normal rubbish, the office said.

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