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Austria Planning To Sue European Union Over Approval Of Hungary’s Nuclear Energy Expansion via Clean Technica

The country of Austria is now planning to sue the European Commission for its approval of a nuclear energy expansion project in Hungary, government reps have revealed.

The announcement follows from the decision by the European Commission last year to grant permission to the government of Hungary for an expansion of the extant Paks nuclear energy facility.

Austria, of course, shares a border with Hungary, hence the interest in stopping an expansion of nuclear capacity there — the country would likely be affected in the event of an associated disaster.

The argument to be used by Austria in its lawsuit will revolve around the idea that nuclear energy expansion is not the way to deal with anthropogenic climate change, and that such an expansion is not in the “common interests” of the European Union.

It’s notable here, of course, that Austria does not possess any nuclear energy facilities.

Reuters provides more: “EU state aid regulators approved last March Hungary’s plan to build two new reactors at its Paks nuclear site with the help of Russia’s Rosatom, saying Hungarian authorities had agreed to several measures to ensure fair competition.

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