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Of the power of having nuclear weapons via The Valdosta Daily Times

Through the years, I have always wondered why, except for China, the only nations that are permanent members of the United Nations are nations that are considered white: Great Britain, France, Russia, and the United States. They all have nuclear weapons.

As soon as Muammar Khadafy gave up his nuclear weapons, he was taken down. When Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa, he agreed to give up his nation’s nuclear weapons and destroy them. He was applauded but South Africa, which had always been ruled by whites, was left defenseless in a world of nuclear weapons.

Although a great attempt was made to prevent other brown and black nations, like Pakistan and Libya, from obtaining the bomb, nonetheless they were able to get it. When Libya gave up its nuclear weapons, immediately she was invaded and Khadafy was taken out. The same can be said of Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein. Perhaps, just perhaps, North Korea has taken notice.


Other nations with nuclear capability, but cannot use it without the approval of one of the permanent members of the Security Council: United States, France, Russia, Great Britain, or China: Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Italy. Japan, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Ukraine, Ukraine, Uruguay. They can all vote, but any of the five permanent members can make their vote null and void.

When a vote is taken, led by the United States, we are all quick to say that the world community has spoken. When, in fact, the world community has not spoken. Whites, plus China, have spoken.

Let us be clear: Whites make up 6 percent of the world’s population, but they control most of the world’s resources. Like the City of Valdosta, where 51 percent of the population is black, 43 percent is white, and Hispanics and others make up the rest, but all of the positions of power are concentrated in the hands of whites. The city manager is white. The mayor is white. The police chief is white. Every at-large seat on City Council and the Board of Education is occupied by whites.

Blacks have no decision-making power. None.

In his speech before the United Nations, President Trump said, “there are 123 nations represented in this hall.” What he failed to say was that only 15 of them could vote, and any of the five permanent members could veto their vote.

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