Israeli Nuclear Scientists Strike, Halt Sensitive Work; Cabinet to Order Them Back via Haaretz

The move comes after physicists and chemists operating the Dimona Nuclear reactor started a slowdown 6 months ago over new contract

In an exceptional move, the cabinet is expected to approve new emergency regulations on Sunday, allowing a court to order scientists currently on a slowdown strike at the Dimona Nuclear Research Center back to work.

Scientists at Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission, the Nuclear Research Center in Dimona and the Soreq Nuclear Center went on a slowdown last February as part of their bartering for a new collective labor agreement, which would give them a substantial wage increase.

The strike was initiated by defense establishment physicists and chemists who operate the facility, and who function separately from the engineers’ union. As part of the slowdown, the scientists are delaying new development plans, have stopped issuing safety licenses for the reactors and have even halted operating a vital and sensitive part of the installation.


In a letter sent to the cabinet, the head of the scientists’ committee asked the ministers to refrain from issuing the back-to-work order, which he described as unnecessary and disproportionate.


He noted that the organization has been waiting for 8 years for a new collective contract and that scientists have only embarked on protest moves in the last six months.

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