Radiation is not good for people via Pantagraph.com

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering a change in the basis of its regulatory work and we have until Nov. 19 as the deadline for public comment. The change being proposed is to eliminate the “linear no-threshold” basis of radiation protection and replace it with the “radiation hormesis” theory.

The “linear no-threshold” concept is that there is no threshold level of radiation below which it could be considered safe to expose the public. This standard held that the NRC had real regulatory responsibility, which would cost the relevant corporations money.

The “radiation hormesis” concept holds that some radiation is actually good for us, which eases the regulatory work of the NRC and turns expenses into profits for those corporations.

Radiation is good for you and other tall tales of the nuclear industry” is the title of an article written by Karl Grossman, that is presented on the counterpunch website. It has all the information a person needs to get their comments in regarding this proposed change.

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