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The wave of reader comments on lohud.com and on Facebook since a May 9 transformer explosion and oil spill suggest that the tenor of the Indian Point debate has changed little since.

“This was written in response the the question: Should we close Indian Point?” reader Eric Gendell commented on an opinion poll about the plants. “Anyone who trusts nuclear energy is a moron.”

Jon Langberg, on the other hand, writes that shutting down a safe, well-monitered and environmentally friendly facility “is the essence of pure stupidity.”

That poll went up on lohud.com four days after the explosion and asked about readers’ confidence in the plants’ safety. Most of our polls get a few hundred votes; this one got more than 7,500. A majority, 53 percent, said they worried about the plants; 41 percent said they were confident.

The non-scientific poll was meant to gauge reader sentiment and encourage debate. An IP address analysis, however, showed that one-fourth or more of the 7,500-plus responses came from one location: Entergy Corp, 700 S. Louisiana St., Little Rock, Arkansas.


Poll results

After the recent blast, how confident are you in Indian Point’s safety, Entergy’s transparency or the workability of the evacuation plan?

53% As worried as ever. There’s no way to evacuate if the worst happens, and who knows what Entergy’s not telling us?

41% Fully confident, as ever. The blast illustrated that the reactors are well-protected and that Entergy knows how to respond in an emergency.

4% I wasn’t worried before, but I am now. Maybe we should go slow on this relicensing.

2% I never think about Indian Point. I’m sure it’s safe. And if it’s not, there’s not much I can do.

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