Ex-Guards Raise Concerns About Palisades Nuclear Plant via NBC5 Chicago

NRC Letter to Entergy Nuclear Operations
But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission identified a “chilled work environment” within the plant’s security department after staff perceived that two supervisors were terminated after raising concerns and that security management was unresponsive to employees’ concerns.

“It is dangerous. When people are afraid to raise concerns over the fear of losing their job and that’s what’s going on out there,” said former security supervisor Chris Mikusko.
Mikusko and fellow supervisor Roland Ruby worked in the security department at Palisades for a combined 39 years. They claim they were fired in late 2013 months after telling managers how an unqualified supervisor worked part of a security shift.
Palisades Nuclear Plant NRC Inspection Report
“Our management should know better,” Ruby said. “They should know this and we had to point it out for them.”
Both men filed complaints with the US Department of Labor.
“Our management just decided to turn the other way, to look at us as troublemakers,” Ruby said.
The NRC also investigated the incident and concluded there was a willful violation and said both the security manager and the security operations supervisor failed to verify the security operations supervisor’s qualification for a posting prior to having him assume that position for two hours on December 24, 2012.

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