Nuclear reactor at Indian Point shuts down via Capital

ALBANY—One of the two nuclear reactors at the Indian Point Energy Center shut down Wednesday morning after the system tripped for an unknown reason, officials said.

Indian Point Unit 3 shut down automatically at 11:57 a.m., spokesman Jerry Nappi said. The plant remains in “stable hot shutdown” while the cause of the trip is under investigation, he said.


The aging Westchester County facility has been targeted by Governor Andrew Cuomo for closure because of its proximity to New York City. The state has been planning alternatives that would help take it offline, and the Department of Environmental Conservation recently proposed shutting it down for up to three months to protect fish in the Hudson River.

UPDATE: The reactor shut down in response to a false signal indicating a change in reactor coolant system pressure, according to Entergy. The reason for the false signal, which is designed to shut down the reactor, is now being examined.

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