Tornado damage reported at Paducah nuclear fuel factory via


Local news reports out of Paducah quote officials as saying there’s no problem, however.

WPSD reports:

Plant officials indicated a tornado may have touched down within the plant perimeter causing damage to some of the plant’s facilities. The plant’s Incident Commander requested activation of the EOC to assist in the response to issues that have occurred when the tornado struck. No injuries were reported at the plant, and there has been no off-site impact from damage that occurred at the plant. Operations are remaining stable.

The Paducah Sun reports that USEC, which operates the plant, ended its emergency alert about 8 p.m. It also said there were no public worries:

No injuries were reported as a result of storm damage, plant monitoring showed no radiological or hazardous material releases and monitoring will continue in order to confirm this, according to a news release issued this evening. The plant’s warning system remains operational to alert the public if an emergency were to occur, the release states.

Most of the damage was confined to the exteriors of plant structures. No production systems were affected and all critical safety systems continued to function as intended.

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