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Second arch section for Chernobyl cover via World Nuclear News

A steel arch weighing 3800 tonnes is being lifted at the Chernobyl site in Ukraine, the second such milestone for the New Safe Confinement project.

When complete the NSC will cover the broken reactor building of Chernobyl 4 as well as its ‘sarcophagus’ shelter. Airtight to protect the environment from radioactive dust within, it will contain remote handling equipment that will enable engineers to eventually dismantle the remains of the reactor.

The new arch was made in segments, now put together, and today is set to be lifted to a height of 12 meters. Tomorrow it will be raised a further 21 meters, and eventually to a height of 85 meters.

The NSC will be assembled in two halves, each comprising several of these arch sections. The first half will be completed and then pushed into a holding area in front of unit 4 while the second half is assembled. The two sections will then be joined together by the end of 2014 and fitted with cladding, cranes and remote handling equipment during 2015.

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