Poneman voices concern over Japan’s energy policy via NHK World

A high-ranking official of the US Energy Department has expressed deep concern over Japan’s new energy policy that aims to end the country’s reliance on nuclear power.

US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman conveyed his concern to Japan’s governing Democratic Party policy chief Seiji Maehara in Washington.

Maehara told reporters on Wednesday that he explained his party’s policy to direct various measures and resources into halting all nuclear reactors in Japan by the 2030s.

Maehara said Poneman, in return, urged Japan to minimize the new policy’s possible negative impact on fossil fuel prices and the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.
Maehara said Poneman also expressed US intentions to support Japan’s efforts to diversify its energy sources, but cautioned that full studies are needed from the viewpoint of economic efficiency and stability.

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