Japan reactivates nuclear reactors and mass protests via Examiner.com

There were no recognizable faces from previous actions since last year from Japanese New Yorkers and their friends against nukes but Akihiro Yamamoto, a New York bassist and composer, rallied people from the Japanese community in NYC to Union Square yesterday as Japan begins to restart its nuclear power. They were at the Square for hours, maybe only ten to fifteen of them, talking to the usual receptive passerby as historically large numbers in Japan turned out after fifteen months since the earthquake and tsunami that took some 19 thousand lives and destroyed the Daiichi nuclear reactors in Fukushima.

In Yamamoto’s view, the media in Japan doesn’t want to cover the antinuclear movement, which is what people were saying last summer, and has also been elaborated on in a recent international news report, which compares the protests to those that Japan saw in the 60s but more diverse.

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