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The Fukushima Effect: France Starts to Turn Against Its Much Vaunted Nuclear Industry via Time

Is France’s long, proud, and at times defiant affection for nuclear energy finally beginning to wane in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster? While it’s still too early to pronounce France’s nearly four decade love affair with nuclear power finished yet, there are signs the doubts over atomic energy that arose elsewhere following the Fukushima melt-down are forcing reflection in France as well. True, that French re-thinking may not yet be generating dramatic developments like Germany’s move to shutter all its reactors by 2022, or even more moderate decisions by Italy and Switzerland to mothball plans to develop their atomic sectors. But the recent French introspection about the merits of nuclear power is posing some serious questions about the nation’s energy independence, industrial future, and role as one of the world’s biggest business proponents of civil nuclear technology.

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  1. entrepreneur says

    We carefully have to think of the difference between the policy of France and that of Germany. At this moment we think it very easy that Germany’s policy seem be supported by their nation because nuclear accident occurred in Japan and people in Fukushima have not been suffered a little from it.But we can reduce the risk of nuclear energy developing the safe technology and observing new regulations re-planned after Fukushima’s disaster.Moreover we should compare total cost between nuclear power plants and other plants.We have to admit that there are a lot of news and information focusing only the cost increase of nuclear electric power generation.It is still fact that nuclear electric power generation is the cheapest in all ways of the electric power generation.There are still about fifty nuclear power plants in France.A lot of companies and people are deriving full benefit of it.We should face this fact fully and improve the safety of nuclear power generation continuously. Everyone know that we stop making progress of nuclear technology.We should study from past and use it for future.

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