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U.S. Must Mirror France – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Fission via International Business Times

Readers of this space know that it’s frequently addressed the United States’ multi-faceted energy problem — multi-faceted in that it involves both supply and demand issues.

The U.S.’s two biggest energy form problems? We use: 1) too much oil and 2) too much coal.

Each has triggered a host of environmental, health, economic and related problems. In the weeks ahead, the oil conundrum will be discussed; today the subject is coal.

Coal Use Must End, And Soon

Simply, coal use has to be phased-out. Coal, which is used in 45 percent of the U.S. power plants to generate electricity, accounts for 20 percent of global greenhouse gases. Coal is an inherently higher-polluting and more carbon-intensive energy form, and it’s the largest contributor to the increase in human-made carbon dioxide in the air — a greenhouse gas that causes climate change and global warming.

It makes a great deal of the sense for the United States to mirror France’s model and build nuclear power plants – – 100% public funded if necessary – – on a grand scale.

And the reasons are tri-fold: 1) energy independence, 2) a reduction in the nation’s carbon footprint, pollution and climate change affect that comes from coal-fired electric plants, and 3) job creation.

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  1. Tomomi Yamaguchi says

    Personally, I totally disagree with this column, but posted it for information.

  2. Chris says

    Their are no easy answers, but we have to do somthing

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