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ひと:A.ビナードさん=核の平和利用の虚構を斬る詩人 via


「放射性物質は村正の日本刀よりも鋭い。被ばくしてバサッとやられると、まさに鼻唄三丁矢筈斬(やはずぎ)り」。知らぬ間に人体を傷付ける放射線 を生む原発を、落語ネタで斬る。つじ斬りに遭った人が気付かずに歩き続けたとの内容。福島第1原発事故後、核の危険性を語る巧みな話術が関心を呼んでい る。

(中略)「核の平和利用」の虚構。次作本の構想を進めていた時に東日本大震災が発生。広島に部屋を借り、広島原爆資料館で弁当箱や靴、時計を見つめる。遺 品に語らせ、モノに宿る人間の営みと、原爆から原発につながる物語を紡ぎ出さなければいけないと思っている。<文・加藤小夜/写真・西村剛>



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  1. Kuniaki and Sumiko Kanetsuna says

    Mr. Arthue Binard,
    Last year, I heard your lectuer at Hiroshima peace museum.
    This time, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation’s Director Mr. Steve Leeper sent us following E-mail.
    So far, your wife’s friend, Ms. Akiko Ishii has applied for the action. We are wondering if you can participate, she may be reassured. Please contact Mr. Leeper about this.
    2012 January 13
    Sumiko Kanetsuna

    Dear friend,
    I have a question.

    In the US, ground zero for the nuclear renaissance is the nuclear power plant (Vogtle) in Burke County, Georgia. They are in the process of building the first two plants in the US in 30 years. We are trying desperately to stop them.

    We are planning an Occupy Vogtle action in March 2012, before and after March 11, with a special ceremony on March 11 to remember the tsunami and Tohoku and Fukushima.

    I am wondering if there is any way we can get some Japanese people to go to Burke County and take part in this action. It would be extremely meaningful if some anti-nuclear activists from Japan would be there.

    We cannot pay for the air fare, but we can help to give people places to stay and pay for most of their expenses once they are in Georgia.

    What do you think? Do you know anyone who might be interested in going to help the fight against nuclear in the US?

    One more thing. If some Japanese go to Vogtle, I think some Americans would be willing to go to Japan to help you.


  2. Sumiko Kanetsuna says

    Mr. Arthur Binard
    Today you are going to talk with students on peace issue at Hiroshima YMCA. It is great!! We have to carry on our knowledge on the risks of nuclear power to younger generation.
    To avoid tension between China and Japan, I hope Itochu trading compny will collaborate with China to develop off-shore Senkaku islet bottom sea oil.
    Now Itochu is helping Brazil with a remodeled tanker to purify crude oil, store and transport.
    I sent mails to Itochu and American ambassador Caroline Kennedy to acheve it.
    It will be benefitial for both sides and to mainatain peace.

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