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Japan’s Nuclear Radiation and the Pentagon’s Free Medical Clinics in Kauai: Connection? via The


Terming Fukushima Japan’s “second massive nuclear disaster,” novelist Haruki Murakami said “this time no one dropped a bomb on us” but instead “we set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives. While we are the victims, we are also the perpetrators. We must fix our eyes on this fact,” he continued. “If we fail to do so, we will inevitably repeat the same mistake again, somewhere else.”   Indeed, a recent report revealed that radiation is being detected across Europe. “Anywhere spent nuclear fuel is handled, there is a chance that… iodine-131 will escape into the environment,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says on its website.

Speaking as a part-time resident of Kauai, we’ve been immensely concerned about radiation plumes blowing over from Japan.  If the government has been monitoring radiation levels, then that critical information has been concealed from the public.

Last week, an article appeared in the Kauai Garden Island news that caught my attention.  Why is the Pentagon involved in providing free health care clinics, up to 350 clinical and non-clinical medical personnel, for Kauai’s residents, the north island closest to Japan?   Is the Pentagon concerned about radioactive cesium plumes carried by the wind currents across the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima’s nuclear meltdowns?

Since when has the Pentagon cared about providing free health care, and why are the clinics under the control of the military, and why only on Kauai?

The entire article is available at Japan’s Nuclear Radiation and the Pentagon’s Free Medical Clinics in Kauai: Connection?



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