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Bringing the Plight of Fukushima Children to the UN, Washington and the World via Japan Focus

“75% of Fukushima’s 300,000 children are going to schools that are so contaminated they would be radiation control areas in nuclear plants where individuals under 18 are not legally allowed. The Japanese government won’t evacuate people unless radiation levels are four times what triggered evacuation in Chernobyl,” Aileen Mioko Smith pointed out.

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  1. Andrew says

    In light of the article and unbelievable comments above on Fukushima perhaps your readers would be interested in seeing Professor Kodama speech he gave to the Committee of Health, Labour and Welfare in the Japanese Parliament recently.

    Today I just checked on the Japanese Youtube site and there are many uploads of Dr Kodama’s impassioned and expert speach in Japanese. Collectively the number in Japanese is getting up to 1,000,000 views and still growing. The one with the largest number of views is at over 600,000

    and can be seen here

    If all you good people there in the US and around the world who are in support of the truth and concerned about the health of the good people of the Fukushima area and Touhoku disaster region can kindly twitter, facebook, tweet etc on to your social networks maybe we can get this English version to go over 1,000,000 and even more viral too. This would help put world pressure and support getting fast, effective and healthy solutions to this ongoing disaster that threatens so many adults and children now and in the future. Dr Kodama is a medical doctor specialized in cancer treatment and a leading authority on the effects of radiation on people’s health at the University of Tokyo and has been working in this field for decades. Spread his words please, for the sake of us all in Japan and our children’s children too. Thank you

    English version: (click on ‘cc’ on the video panel for translation in English)


    Tokyo Counseling Services

  2. yukimiyamotodepaul says

    Thank you for posting this article. I did not know that they had gone to the UN (or had forgotten, already?). This was a good reminder and we will have to keep an eye the way in which the UN, which oversees (right?) the IAEA, will respond to this appeal.

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