Leukemia claims Tepco worker via The Japan Times

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A man in his 40s who worked for a week in August at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s radiation-leaking Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has died of acute leukemia, but it was not caused by exposure to fallout, Tepco said Tuesday.

The man, whose name Tepco withheld to protect his privacy, had external radiation exposure of 0.5 millisieverts and his internal exposure was zero, Tepco spokesman Taiichi Okazaki said. A doctor who diagnosed the man said the leukemia was not caused by radiation, Okazaki added.

The man’s exposure dosage was smaller than 5 millisieverts or higher per year — the benchmark for recognizing a death as work-related — Tepco said, citing the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s criteria on work-related deaths.

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作業員が急性白血病で死亡=収束工事「因果関係なし」-東電・福島原発 via 時事ドットコム

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