Renewable energy law may lack needed ‘teeth’ via Asahi Japan Watch

August 26, 2011

The intentions may be honorable, but a new energy law promoting natural power sources may already have had the wind knocked out of its sails before it even becomes law.

The special measures bill on renewable energy, whose passage through the Diet was among the conditions Prime Minister Naoto Kan set for his resignation, passed on Aug. 26.

However, there is a real possibility the law will lack teeth because electric power companies will still be allowed to reject purchases of electricity generated through natural energy, such as solar power and wind power.

“The new law is just a determination of the government (to promote natural energy),” said Hironori Miyauchi, a senior researcher at the Japan Research Institute who questions whether the law will be effective.

Purchase prices depend on deliberations that will be made in the future. If the prices are low, few companies will try to make inroads into the business of power generation through natural energy.

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