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Former US Diplomat Criticizes Japan Nuclear Response via Voice of America

A former high-level U.S. diplomat, who was posted in Japan for many years, is speaking out about Tokyo’s initial response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

He is also revealing the level of concern that was expressed behind closed doors in Washington at that time.

After a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and historic tsunami battered northeastern Japan on March 11 a veteran U.S. diplomat, who had just been removed from the top post on the island of Okinawa, was among those put in charge of a crisis task force in Washington.

Kevin Maher says American decision-makers quickly realized there was little reliable data coming from their Japanese counterparts about the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant.

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  1. norma field says

    Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Mr. Maher blames the “traditional consensus decision-making” process of the Japanese government without any reference to the long-term collusion (true, a form of consensus if you like) between industry and government–in other words, the consolidation of money and power, which is hardly “traditional” only to Japan.

  2. yukimiyamotodepaul says

    Thank you for your comment, Norma. I hesitated and thought twice before I posted this article. And your comment nicely points out the lack of analysis of this article. Thank you!

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