‘Safety myth’ instilled in primary school children via Japan Press Weekly

A national budget of 6 billion yen or so is used every year to promote nuclear power generation through publicity and education activities. Major advertising agencies such as Dentsu Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., and newspapers such as Sankei Shimbun cooperate with the Japan Atomic Energy Relations Organization (JAERO) to obtain contracts for the publicity project. It is a public imprinting of the “nuclear safety myth” regarding nuclear energy by using tax revenues.

Free 4-day tours and other events

“Where is electricity produced and how is it used?” is the title of a feature article in a two-page spread carried by the Sankei Shimbun (East Japan edition) on October 30, 2010. The article is about an event in which elementary school children of the Metropolitan area and municipalities hosting nuclear power plants visited each other for an exchange and learned about nuclear power generation and environmental issues.

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