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EDF admits French nuclear reactor delayed but says UK projects on target via

• Flamanville reactor four years late and billions over budget

• EDF says no reason to expect similar problems with UK plants

    EDF has admitted to delays with the nuclear reactor it is building in France but says its UK plants are on target. Above, one of the older generation reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

    EDF, the French company at the heart of plans to build a new generation of nuclear plants in Britain, has admitted that a similar plant being constructed in France is going to take almost twice as long and cost nearly twice the anticipated price.

    The European pressurised reactor (EPR) at Flamanville, in north-western France, is now expected to open in 2016 and cost €6bn (£5.2bn) instead of the original starting date of 2012 and a cost of €3.3bn.

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