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Radioactive debris dilemma unresolved, growing worse via The Japan Times online

The government’s master plan to restore the quake-hit region includes moving housing from the coastline to higher ground, creating “eco-towns” that rely on reusable energy and “making Tohoku better than what it was before the disaster.”

The goals are ambitious.

But the long road to recovery remains stuck at square one, with the government unable to decide how to handle the rubble and radioactive debris that still plague much of the region, not to mention the radioactive waste that is being found far outside of Fukushima.

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  1. kingo says

    Please help children in Fukushima.

    Unbelievable Comment by Dr. Yamashita
    If you are smiling, you will not have any radiation effect.
    If you are not smiling, you will have radiation effect.

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