Fukushima: suffering the stigma of nuclear via Global Post

FUKUSHIMA, Japan — Cities in Fukushima prefecture struggle to cope with the stigma of becoming as synonymous with nuclear crisis as Chernobyl.

Even areas that have lower radiation readings than many of the world’s major cities, are finding everything from their goods to their tourist spots — and even their people — shunned.

“I was in Tokyo after the disaster, staying with relatives; there was a group on the train laughing and saying that people from Fukushima should be made to wear signs identifying them,” said Yuki Sato, living with her son at the Big Palette Fukushima sports center in Koriyama City.

“I couldn’t believe that Japanese people would say something like that, it’s just discrimination. And in Tokyo too, which got all the electricity from Fukushima — though they’d probably never thought about that.”

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