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“On “Fuhyo Higai” (Harmful Rumor)” on Blog “artfoodandpolitics”

As a student who is researching on consumerism and nationalism in Japanese food movements, I am very concerned about the impact of this tragedy, especially that of radiation contamination on foodscapes in Japan. I am alarmed in particular by the intensive use of the word “Harmful Rumor” (Fuhyo Higai, 風評被害) to address the sympathy for farmers and fishermen in affected area. Although I do sympathize for them, even grow angry out of the sympathy for them, I am apprehended to have this word “Fuhyo Higai” represent my sincere concerns.

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  1. Mimi Long says

    Thank you Aiko Kojima. I was especially moved by the anguish of your friends who are pregnant and nursing.

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