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“”Science” and “Nature” on Fukushima” on JapanFocus

On April 12 it was revealed that the Japanese government is deliberating raising the level of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster to 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale of the International Atomic Energy Agency. This is the highest level and the same as the 1986 Chernobyl accident. At the same time, the Japanese government has made moves to evacuate high radiation areas outside of the 20km radius. This move is welcome as critics have decried the original evacuation zone as arbitrary. Discussion has also begun on compensation for victims in the evacuation zone, with talk of 1,000,000 yen per family.

In this context, accurate information or honest acknowledgement of blind spots and areas for which there is no scientific consensus is necessary. This article will survey recent assessments of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis from leading international journals Science and Nature which provide detailed information and insight into what the scientific community does and does not know.

Science reveals yet another example of TEPCO ignoring warning signs that a quake or tsunami could cause catastrophic damage to the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

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