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My read is that it is likely that Fukushima is going to get seriously worse .  It has the potential to make Chernobyl look minor in comparison.  I hope I am wrong but the article I recently sent out about “What they are covering up at Fukushima” and the article below point to dire global consequences.
Jim Albertini

Published on Thursday, March 24, 2011 by CommonDreams.org

Fukushima Radiation: Some Difficult Truths

by Ritt Goldstein

As radiation counts elevate in Japan, news of nuclear contamination spreading across a widening spectrum of life and its necessities, official pronouncements continue to play down events’ gravity.  While some have questioned whether this is being pursued to promote calm, or perhaps the nuclear industry, the result has left many either skeptical of official claims or simply reassured by them.  It seems time for some difficult facts.

Reports of false ‘nuclear rain’ warnings have made it to the news; but, just recently, so did valid rain warnings from local Japanese officials.  And during the Chernobyl accident radioactive rain did occur, particularly striking some areas in Sweden.

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