Japan tsunami: Fukushima Fifty, the first interview via The Telegraph

exclusive: in their own words, members of the Fukushima Fifty – the emergency crew tackling Japan’s nuclear crisis – tell of the dangers and fears they face

They lined up to be checked for radiation, dressed for the most part in identical grey-hooded sweatshirts and brown tracksuit bottoms, their own contaminated clothes clutched in transparent plastic bags. Several looked utterly shattered – unshaven, haggard, with deep rings round their eyes. Hardly surprising, given where they’d just come from and where they must, in only a few hours, go back to.

The extraordinary courage of the “Fukushima Fifty”, the skeleton crew risking their own lives to save their country from nuclear disaster, has gripped the world. But the Fifty themselves – or the several hundred, in fact, with shifts and rotations – have been the invisible heroes, the darkness at the centre of the spotlight. Until now.

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