Egypt Through Iraqi Eyes

by Mahmoud Saeed


Originally recorded November 18, 2005

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2 Responses to Egypt Through Iraqi Eyes

  1. I read a lot of Mahmoud Said, he’s a great writer, deserves a Nobel Prize, his novel Jacob’s daughters the best of the hundreds of historical novels, you can’t stop reading it till you finish it, his fiction Rue Ben Barka is the best Arabic novel , as well as the novel of I am the one who saw, the truck, etc.

  2. This is very good, but Mahmoud wrote too many novels, Saddam City like exampel, I do not think that there is a novel about the suffering of prison stronger than Saddam City novel Mahmoud Said, is a short novel, marred by censorship, it deleted two chapters from the novel, however, remained one of the greatest novels of the last century, and best Iraqi and Arab novel at all

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