Workshop Program

Albanian Linguistics Workshop

February 28th, 2009

Paper handouts (.pdf) and PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) files from selected talks are now available via the links below. With the exception of the video of Eric Hamp, to view multimedia content, please click on either the “stream” link (which will open a screencast of the presentation in a new browser window) or *right click* on the “download” link (which will download a video or an audio of the presentation to your computer). Both streamed and downloaded video screencasts are best viewed using Apple’s free QuickTime Player for Macs and PCs.

9:15 Kelly Maynard (U. Chicago)
Opening Remarks

Audio (download)

9:30 Rachel Klippenstein (The Ohio State U.)
A Corpus-based Investigation of Albanian Initial Consonant Clusters

Handout (download)

10:00 Matthew C. Curtis (The Ohio State U.)
On /xh/ and Albanian Allolinguistics

Presentation (download), Handout (download), Audio (download)

10:30 Alex Murzaku (College of St.Elizabeth)
Parallels between Deixis and Tense

Presentation (download), Screencast (stream; download), Audio (download)

11:00 Jerry L. Morgan (UI Urbana-Champaign)
Nyje the Albanian Particle of Concord

Presentation (download), Handouts (one, two), Audio (download)

1:00 Anastasia Smirnova (The Ohio State U.)

The Meaning of the Present Tense in Albanian from a Cross-linguistic Perspective

Handout (download), Audio (download)

1:30 Eda Derhemi (UI Urbana-Champaign)
What’s wrong with the standard Albanian we already have?
2:00 Kelly Lynne Maynard (U. Chicago)
Samsun Albanian
2:30 Brian D. Joseph (The Ohio State U.)
The etymology of the Albanian stër-prefix

Presentation (download), Handout (download), Screencast (stream; download), Audio (download)

3:30 Andrew Dombrowski (U. Chicago)
Vowel-Zero Alternations in Albanian and Morphophonological Contac

Presentation (download), Handout (download), Screencast (stream; download), Audio (download)

4:00 Daniel Moore (U. Chicago)
Albanian Syntax

Handout (download), Audio (download)

4:25 Chundra Cathcart (U. Chicago)
The Letter ‘q’: Albanian Influence on Romani Orthography in Kosovo and the Rep. of Albania

Handout (download), Audio (download)

4:50 Maria Bankova (U. Chicago)
Object doubling in Albanian

Handout (download), Audio (download)

5:30 Eric P. Hamp (U. Chicago)
The Suppletive Verbs jam, kam, dua, vdes

Handout (download), Audio (download)

Eric P. Hamp Video

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