Saturday morning panels

10/19  9am-11am  CONCURRENT PANELS
Traditional Performance (2) Moderated by Elizabeth Oyler Univ. of Illinois
Torquil Duthie Poetry, Performance, and History: The Songs of the Kojiki and Nihon shoki UCLA
Lazarus Ashton Envisioning Difference: Social Typology and Exhaustive Articulation in Fujiwara no Akihira’s Shin sarugaku ki Yale University
Patrick Schwemmer And the Angel Spake unto Harunobu: Gaspar Coelho’s Japanese “Story of a Cross which Miraculously Appeared in Japan” Princeton
Ariel Stillerman How To Do Things With Poems: A Reassessment of The Wondrous Powers of Waka Columbia Univ.
Performances of Death Moderated by Atsuko Ueda Princeton Univ.
Davinder Bhowmik Narrative Adaptations of the Myth of the Child Devouring Goddess Kishimojin Univ of Washington
Kirsten Cather Mishima Yukio’s Yūkoku: Performing Suicide on the Page, Noh Stage, and Cinema Screen UT Austin
Andrew Leong A Vaguely Unsatisfying Performance: Arishima Takeo’sLabyrinth and Japanese American Homosocialism Northwestern Univ.
Rebecca Mak Mishima Yukio’s Yukoku (Patriotism): On the performativity of the text and the textuality of the film Univ. of Heidelberg
Performance in Early Meiji/Taisho Moderated by Norma Field University of Chicago (Emerita)
Mika Endo Suzuki Miekichi’s Writing Pedagogy and the Ideology of Childhood Bard College
Pau Pitarch Fernandez The Gold Standard: Performing Genius in the Early Fiction of Tanizaki Jun’ichirō Columbia Univ.
Andreas Regelsberger Re-inventing the audience: towards an aesthetics of the spectator in Meiji Japan Western Michigan Univ.
Mamiko Suzuki Meiji Women’s Education as Performance: Shimoda Utako’s Construction and Embodiment of the “New Traditional” Woman Univ. of Utah