Saturday afternoon panels

10/19  1:30-3:30pm  CONCURRENT PANELS
Performing the Incident Moderated by Steve Ridgely Univ. of Wisconsin
Jeffrey Angles Performing Poetry in the Wake of 3/11 Western Michigan Univ.
Hikari Hori Performing Japaneseness: Realistic Machines, Cute Characters and Wartime Aggression Columbia Univ.
Mimi Long
Oe’s Performance of Peace Univ. of Calif. Riverside
Justine Wiesinger Cities in the Clouds: Theatrical Perspectives on Tension between Rebirth and Return in the Post-3/11 Utopic Imaginary Yale University
Performing Gender Moderated by Susan Burns University of Chicago
Michael Brownstein “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” — Performing Masculinities in The Love Suicides at Amijima Univ. of Notre Dame
Kazue Harada Symbiotic Cycles in Ôhara Mariko’s Hybrid Child and the Parodic Performance of Mother-Daughter Wash Univ in St. Louis
Diane Lewis Celebrity, Sex, and Shame : Murayama Tomoyoshi on Female Performance Wash Univ in St. Louis
Andrea Mendoza Pan-Pan Girls and Transvestite Patriarchies: Performing and Recovering Masculinity in Immediate Postwar Literature Cornell Univ.
Performances of Orality Moderated by Chelsea Foxwell University of Chicago
Matthew Fraleigh Visible rhymes, inaudible echoes: inscriptive and oral performance in the Chinese poetry of modern Japan Brandeis Univ.
Saida Khalmirzaeva Memorization and Improvisation in the Tradition of blind biwa players Hosei University
Kyoko Omori Narrating Modernity: Tokugawa Musei, Creative Adaptation, and BenshiPerformance Hamilton College
Jeremy Robinson Restoring Performance to Text: theHeike Mabushi Grand Valley State Univ.