Keynote Performance, Friday 7:30pm

HAYAKAWA Yoshio and a fan

HAYAKAWA Yoshio and a fan

Doors open at 7:00pm; Concert starts at 7:30pm

Location: International House Assembly Hall, 1414 E. 59th St. Chicago, IL 60637

This concert is free and open to the public. The rest of the AJLS conference requires registration to attend.

On October 18, 2013, The University of Chicago will host the first-ever appearance outside of Japan by HAYAKAWA Yoshio (b. 1947), a legendary figure in the history of Japanese popular music. Hayakawa first emerged into the public’s eye in the 1960s as leader of the seminal underground folk-rock band, The Jacks. Critical darlings but commercial failures, The Jacks released two classic albums of original songs that probed the existential angst of Japanese youth in the 1960s. After the band’s break-up, Hayakawa went on to release a critically acclaimed 1969 solo album, switching from guitar to piano as his primary instrument of choice. In the early 1970s he cut all ties to the music industry and for two decades ran a bookstore in the suburbs of Tokyo.  He returned to music in 1994, when he released a celebrated new studio album, and he has been performing live and releasing new recordings regularly since then.

SAKUMA Masahide

SAKUMA Masahide

In his Chicago performance, Hayakawa will be joined by SAKUMA Masahide (b. 1952), another key figure in Japanese popular music history. Sakuma debuted in the early 1970s with the progressive rock band Yonin Bayashi, later achieving widespread fame as a member of the New Wave band The Plastics, which regularly appeared in the U.S. and Europe in addition to Japan. Since leaving that band in 1981, Sakuma has been one of the most in-demand producers in Japan, working with many of the most popular Japanese rock bands while continuing his own activities as a performer and songwriter.

This free performance will be streamed live over the web so that fans anywhere can enjoy the show.

Sakuma Masahide and Hayakawa Yoshio









Video links:


Hayakawa Yoshio performing “Sarubia no hana”  (Salvia flower), an original composition that first appeared on his 1969 solo debut album

The Jacks, “Vacant World,” title song from their 1968 debut album

The Jacks, “Love Generation”

Hayakawa and Sakuma live in 2004, performing as “Ces Chiens”

The Plastics appearing on SCTV television program