Friday morning panels

10/18                  10:00am-12:00pm   CONCURRENT PANELS

Mediated Performance
Moderated by Julia Adeney Thomas
Notre Dame
Erin Lofting Conversations with Former Selves: Terayama Shūji’s Den’en ni Shisu Project and Okada Toshiki’s Zero Cost House Univ. of Toronto
Shunsuke Nozawa 2.5D: Voice-Acting, Ensoulment, and Mediation Dartmouth College
Lorraine Plourde The Optron: Light, Noise, and Design Noir in Tokyo SUNY Purchase
Kerim Yasar Vocal Capital: An Archeology of Early Japanese Voice Acting The Ohio State University
Politics and Performance Moderated by Ann Sherif Oberlin
Heather Bowen-Struyk Housekeepers: Performing Marriage in Proletarian Literature Independent Scholar
Jan Leuchtenberger The Kirishitan expulsion as ritual performance in early-modern Japanese texts Univ. of Puget Sound
Aragorn Quinn Performing the Past as Present: The Meiji Restoration on the Proletarian Stage Stanford Univ.
Robert Tierney Performative Writing: the Politics of Prose UIUC
Traditional Performance (1) Moderated by Nobuko Toyosawa University of Chicago
Ethan Bushelle Emanations of Power: Preachers and the Performance of Homiletic Tales (setsuwa) in Early Medieval Japan Harvard University
Charlotte Eubanks Cultures of Sound: Lineages of Sutra Recitation in Medieval Japan Pennsylvania State Univ.
Yukiko Nakatsuka The relationship between text and movement in the Noh play Aoinoue Hosei University
Wei Yu Wayne Tan Performing Texts: Ogino Chiichi and the Musical Tradition of Heikyoku in Mid- to Late Tokugawa Japan Harvard University