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Journeys in the afterMAPH: Poker scams in Bangkok

The next travel installation from MAPH Alum Adrian Hall….

Hi guys!

Since last I wrote you all:

I was happy to leave Bangkok behind because after a week the incredible pollution and stink wore away some of the City’s initial charm, such as it is. But first I had to have my lunch with my Philipino friend from the weekend market. She picked me up in a taxi near my hotel and we drove to her family’s house, which was a nice-ish bungalow kind of place. I met her brother, Alex and her cousin. I thought it was strange that her sister wasn’t there though, the whole reason behind this lunch date. Continue reading

Journeys in the afterMAPH

Adrian Hall graduated from MAPH in 2006 and worked for the program as a mentor the following year. Recently he has taken off on a journey across the globe and he has been kind enough to divulge us in his travel stories (through which we can all now live vicariously….). Keep an eye out for frequent updates.

I’ve been in Bangkok for 5 days now and have just found an internet cafe here in the Sukhumvit subway station.
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