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Greg Lawless on the print issue of Colloquium

colloquium printGreg Lawless (MAPH ’03) shares this lovely reflection on his MAPH experience, our own Hilary Strang, and being included in the recently-released print issue of Colloquium magazine.

An excerpt:

Colloquium collects, as disparately as MAPH itself, a bizarre but beautiful array of contents and people, and manifests something of the original stakes—the desire to know, to write something important, to try to figure IT out—that I so rarely experience these days, through no one’s fault but my own. But, well, I experience IT here, that original excitement, reading this great journal, and being a part of it, and being, in the best and fullest way possible, among my peers.

Read more below the cut, and be sure to check out the latest issue of Colloquium released November 7th.

You can read Greg’s poetry in Issue 2 of Colloquium, and you can find information on buying his books on his website. If you are interested in getting your own print copy of Colloquium, email

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