Month: September 2011

  • From MAPH to the Smart Museum: Diego Arispe-Bazan

    Here’s a thoughtful piece from Diego Arispe-Bazan (MAPH 2011), who worked as a MAPH intern at the Smart Museum on campus after graduation. Diego talks about his work, focusing on the introduction of new technologies into the gallery experience and curatorial practice. Here’s an excerpt: The debate on interpretive technologies was lively among the Smart […]

  • Life after Combat: a guest post from Eric McMillan (MAPH 2010)

    In response to Nick Fox’s (MAPH 2011) thoughts about military service in the wake of 9/11 Eric McMillan (MAPH 2010) offers a guest reflection on life after combat. Eric was honorably discharged from the US Army having attained the rank of Captain and is working on a book about the life of a soldier. He […]

  • “A Career Shaped by 9/11”

    Mike Wilson (MAPH ’11) was this year’s MAPH intern at WBEZ’s show 848. Last week, he traveled up to Minnesota, where fellow MAPH ’11 grad and former Army Ranger Nick Fox reflected on a military career shaped by the events of September 11, 2001. Nick’s words speak for themselves. Hope you check it out. Nick […]